Uninvisible, Unsilent World War

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The forthcoming rally in France will be unprecedented. While past cooperation between erstwhile enemies have taken place mostly in neutral territory, the coming of the leadership of Spain to France to show solidarity against terror and whatever else that is behind and propelling it, is a great historical milestone.

History will show how deep the enmity that came to develop between France and Spain in the old times.

The so-called usurpation of powers, treachery, vengeance, mutually assured destruction between the two former royalties spanned centuries – even millennia.

Today, with the biggest combine in the world – the United Nations – not having any immediate solution to the uninvisible, unsilent emerging world war – that is actually a proxy war openly featuring the ISIS or ISIL and such insignificant, hitherto obscure groups like Boko Haram, former enemies embrace each other as a sign of unity and will dedicate their nations’ endeavors toward broad-based cooperation in helping resolve the problem of terrorism.

Without the artificial elder brother’s help, it is high time the two countries face each other’s plights squarely and start a new road of full and unhampered cooperation, sharing and joint efforts.

Like France, that has more than six million Muslims in her population, Spain, that was formerly overwhelmed by Arabs conceded some of its territories to a large community of Muslims.

However, the eventual benevolent influence of Islam and Arabic culture has helped Spain rather than cause its dereliction and downfall.  If anything, the presence of the Arabs – now largely boxed in unnecessarily into Spain’s Los Andaluces (Andalusians) has illuminated, enhanced, greatly contributed to Spanish culture and permeated into many of Spain’s institutions – not the least of all being its language, mores and traditions, etc.

Spain joining hands with France is a bright star to the Muslim populations in the two nations but also a great triumph for the two peoples.

It signifies the process of transformation, of moving forward and re-engineering relations, making defense and economic, social infrastructures more vibrant and unfettered by old constricting limitations.

The path towards becoming both wretched victims of the tasteless, proxy violent conflict that has now reached its apex to become a quasi world war, will henceforth be a little bit eased with kinks in the ties between the two countries erased.


The common enemies of the two formerly great powers are not few and far between. They are many. But with stronger cooperation and joint undertakings, the peoples of both France and Spain will be victorious.

That leaders of other countries will also attend the solidarity rally, is a real positive sign towards a more formidable stand against the proxy war.

The possibilities of thwarting instead of being victim of terror attacks and other asymmetric warfare tactical assaults will be higher with more countries joining hands to fight the pervasive enemy.

It is about time to slap the purveyors of war in the face and run them to the ground with finality.

It is hoped that the same can be said of those other nations threatened by the cultists that wish to demolish world populations in droves – particularly in Asia that is viewed by many of the world elites as half animals and barbaric – the opposite of which can only be true.

Extreme New Risks in the Millenium
PICT0458 cropped-4e89f-assaultvsabusayyaf9.png

Anti Terror in Mindanao, The Philippines (2008)


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